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  • womens cotton aknle socks green and purple by sly and company
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Womens Cotton Ankle Socks

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Bless your cotton socks in a pair of our statement ankle socks, they're a necessity, have a functionality, and we can't make them ourselves, and okay, we do have a bit of a sock fetish round here.

Are you looking for, ethically made breathable socks, you've come to the right place! We've worked with a well-established family sock manufacturer in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa to bring our women's cotton ankle socks to life. Produced in small batches on state of the art Italian sock machines, each sock is steam pressed and quality checked at each stage.

Our women's cotton ankle socks come in one size that generally fit most feet- standard size 6-10. Featuring seamless shaped toe and heel technology, our socks are easy to clean, are machine washable up to 30 degrees, and are quick-drying. Do not dry clean or iron.

Composition: Cotton 95%  Elastane 5%

Bless your cotton socks and treat your feet in our statement women's ankle socks today, or if your looking for statement gift ideas, we've got you covered.