Sly Studio the Story

Hey there, I'm Louise Sly, a multi-disciplined designer, specialising in design, clothing, textiles and screen printing.

With my love of art, design, and textiles, along with design and pattern-making innovations honed over many years in workrooms within the New Zealand fashion industry, Sly and Company, a sustainable nz clothing brand was formed, in 2015. Offering a range of recycled clothing reworked into new up-cycled clothing, a carefully curated range of vintage and recycled clothing, and new garments from natural materials.

Like a growing number of people, I believe in the importance of eco-friendly, circular fashion economy. As a maker I strive to balance my love of fashion design with sustainable materials and production practices.

I find inspiration and creativity in the unique garments and fabrics found at thrift stores, garments that are special and connect with me on a personal level. This has inspired me to create memorable pieces that will connect with the wearer and last forever, using materials that already exist as a means to put less waste on mother nature. I love that I am not depleting resources, exploiting labour, or supporting fast fashion. I also love to continually come up with repurposed clothing ideas.

Through my considered fabric choices and detailing of artistic elements within each piece to create up-cycled clothing, I hope you find a piece that connects with you personally and creatively, that you will wear forever. Like-minded fashion for like-minded people.