The love of Reimagining and Upcycled Clothing

What makes a popular clothing brand in New Zealand? There's nothing new about sustainable clothing brands in New Zealand. Sly Studio, a small clothing brand from New Zealand, Sly Studio specialists in bold basics, repurposing and up-cycling clothing and working with dead stock materials has been on the eco-fashion trail  since 2007. Our journey began in the vibrant St Kevin's Arcade on Auckland’s iconic Karangahape Rd, selling vintage and recycled clothing, and up-cycled clothing made from recycled second hand clothing. My first memory of op-shopping was when I wanted to dress like a Beatle for a school disco and stumbled across "This si Not a Love Shop" in Dominion Rd, there I found some brown vintage brogues and cut my hair into a bowl cut. Not my best look but a creative venture that saw me in and out of op-shops creating affordable outfits to reinvent myself throughout my teens. This love of one off discoveries continued, along with the purchase of a sewing machine and the up-cycling and reinventing began.

What does sustainable fashion mean? Slow fashion is simply the opposite of fast fashion, it's were ethical clothing brands will engage in efforts to reduce waste, use natural materials and promote ethical production processes. New Zealand made clothing brands are becoming renouned for environmental consciousness, with consumers increasingly mindful of their purchases and the origins of where clothing is made and how it's made, is it fair trade, ethical, sustainable? New Zealand’s clothing brands, including Sly Studio, lead the way in sustainability.

Up-cycle old clothes ideas:

At Sly Studio, our creative process involves sourcing high-quality natural fibers from recycled clothing at local op-shops. Our creative process involves sourcing high-quality natural materials and garments, and re-imagining these materials into unique designs, ensuring each piece has a renewed life. Our commitment to up cycling transforms pre-loved garments into one-of-a-kind items, minimising environmental impact, helping create a more circular fashion economy.

We need to ask, who made my clothes and wear our values in a bid to tread lighter on the environment. Sly Studio is proud to be making conscious efforts to be one of the many sustainable clothing brands New Zealand now has to offer.

Join the Movement, explore our up-cycled clothing collection to discover innovative, eco-friendly fashion. Sly Studio is dedicated to being a proud part of New Zealand’s sustainable fashion landscape, encouraging everyone to tread lightly on the environment. Head to our up-cycled clothing page to check out these one-of-a-kind repurposed clothing ideas we've come up with.