How to Sew a Sunhat at Sly Studio

Are you looking for New Zealand made sunhats? Not just sun hats for women, but for everyone, our unisex sunhats are a product where fashion and functionality meet. Welcome to our newest fashion design product, made right here in Auckland, New Zealand by us, sustainable fashion brand Sly and Company.

When introducing new products to the range, the first part of the design process is ensuring that the materials I use are ethical and sustainable, what can I use that already exists, this could be re-purposed clothing, up-cycled clothing, dead stock materials, and what's available using recycled clothing.

Denim, sturdy and strong, second-hand Jeans, I always see them when I'm op-shopping, and through my time working in charity stores I saw styles go out of fashion, sitting around not selling, potentially ending up in landfill, along with broken zips, holes, and stains. These can all be cut around and quality pieces can be salvaged and incorporated into sunhats, as a screen printer, stains can be printed directly over, giving them a fresh lease of life. Our Sly and Company fashionable women's sunhats are packable, folding up to fit in your bag, and perfect for the beach and travel.

Pattern-making - Using a combination of recycled clothing and natural materials, I've created a unique, triangulated design, starting wide at the forehead, and narrowing towards the center crown of the head making it a friendly fit for all head sizes. The style is fully reversible, giving you a two-for-one Eco-friendly sunhat for summer.

Who better to be featured in Sly and Company sunhats than Kate Hall from Ethically Kate, one of our first sun hat purchasers, her Sly and Company sunhat has been Kate's summer favourite since.

Kate Hall of Ethically Kate Blog wearing a Sly and Company Sun Hat New Zealand